Business Process Management

As businesses become more and more competitive and the processes required to support the business become complex and dynamic, the need for managing business processes becomes critical for organisations.


Over time business processes that are not managed effectively can become inefficient and are often the cause of excessive costs, ineffective resource management and poor overall business performance. Superior business execution depends on addressing these process problems. Business Process Management (BPM) coordinates all aspects of a process, ensuring that it is executed quickly, accurately and efficiently. It manages this execution in a manner that can be tracked (e.g. audited for compliance) and analysed, so the process can be improved and organisations can achieve continuous process improvement.


BPM is about modelling the business processes, dynamically maintaining them as the world of business changes and monitoring performance for further improvement.


Business Processes bring Business, Technology, Organisations, People and Processes together and need to be managed effectively and continuously to provide organisations with the information to react to dynamic market conditions.


Our team at Trident are well experienced in all aspects of Business Process Management and the competencies that are required to deliver each individual component of this capability. We will work with you to define an appropriate Business Process Management Strategy and help you implement the strategy.


To support BPM we offer consultancy and training in:

  • Business Process Modelling using BPMN
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Continuous Business Process Improvement
  • Process Ownership


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