Enterprise Architecture

The importance of Enterprise Architecture is now more apparent than ever before. As business changes and advances in technology present opportunities and challenges, organisations need to respond rapidly, effectively and positively to changing market conditions and demands.


Organisations are now seeking to establish well-developed Enterprise Architectures that have the ability for organisations to achieve business goals whilst achieving business and IT alignment.


Enterprise Architectures are made up of multiple domains or architecture layers that require supporting services.


We at Trident offer a range of services, across all domains, to enable the establishment of a well-developed Enterprise Architecture.


We have some seven (7) years practical experience in implementing Enterprise Architectures within organisations in Australasia and Europe. We focus, firstly, on Business Architecture domain to ensure that IT solutions are driven by a business need and extend the business architecture to integrate with the other domains ultimately aligning business with IT.


Our consultants at Trident will assist you in establishing and developing your Enterprise's architecture model using a practical iterative approach. We will assist with the Change Management aspects of implementing an Enterprise Architecture and will provide you with recommendations that will reduce the impact of change on your people whilst providing benefits quickly and effectively.


We will provide customised training necessary to upskill your staff. We do not offer a standard training course in this capability as we believe that Enterprise Architecture is a complex concept and would therefore need a course to suit your individual needs. In some cases we may opt to upskill your staff by providing "on the job" training.


We also bring with us a portfolio of Intellectual Property that we will use to deliver your Enterprise Architecture quickly and effectively.


Whatever the size, complexity or requirements of your business we are able to assist you with an approach that will suit your individual enterprise architecture needs. This ability is derived from the practical experience that we have gained over the years.


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