Services & Capabilities

We have extensive experience in the highly specialised areas of:

  • Business Process Modelling using BPMN
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Management
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Project Management (PRINCE2)
  • Delivery of ICT solutions
  • Business Requirements Specifications


Business Process Modelling using BPMN

Trident was one of the first organisations in Australia to provide training and consultancy in the Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN). The Directors, spent considerable time working with various organisations that were affiliated with the development of the BPMN notation to develop the expertise in this area. We then established training courses and commenced training staff within organisations in Australia.  Donna Smith is now one of the leading Business Process Modelling trainers and consultants in Australia.


Trident also uses the BPMN along with Business Process Modelling techniques to deliver projects for Clients.


Trident provides training courses and consultancy services in developing these skills in organisations.


We are the key BPMN trainer for Queensland Government and have a Standing Offer Agreement (C08/2700) with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office to provide services to Government Agencies in:

  • Business Process Management - Modelling using BPMN - Instructor led training
  • Business Process Improvement - Coaching and Mentoring


For more information on the Queensland Government Methodologies visit - government employees can access the methodologies using the government-only site:


We provide consultancy services to mentor and support the staff during their learning phase.


We have assisted many Clients to develop Business Process Modelling skills within their organisation. The Clients that we have provided training and consultancy services for in this area are many and widespread over Australia.


Enterprise Architecture

Trident Business Solutions offer a range of services, enabling the establishment of a well-developed Enterprise Architecture.


In terms of developing and implementing Enterprise Architectures, we have over 7 years of practical experience in Australasia & Europe. Our focus is first on the Business Architecture domain. This ensures that the IT solutions are driven by a business need and extend the Business Architecture to integrate with the other domains, with the ultimate aim of aligning business with IT.


Using our practical approach to develop YOUR Enterprise Architecture, we will:

  • Understand your environment and develop a approach and plan for the completion of the work;
  • Develop an Enterprise Architecture framework in consultation with key staff stakeholders and ensure that the framework aligns with other methodologies;
  • Fully document all aspects of the Enterprise Architecture;
  • Assist with the Change Management aspects of implementing an Enterprise Architecture;
  • Develop a strategy for populating the Architecture;
  • Provide you with recommendations that will reduce the impact of change on your people whilst providing benefits quickly and effectively; and
  • Supply tailor-suited training services to help up-skill your staff.


We also provide a vast portfolio of Intellectual Property to aid in the delivery of the Enterprise Architecture in an effective and timely manner.


Regardless of your business' individual requirements, we can assist in providing an approach to meet your individual needs.


We have developed Enterprise Architecture for many Client's. Some of these Client's include:

  • Parcelforce UK
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Australia Post
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Tarong Energy
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Queensland Health


Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM is about modelling the business processes, dynamically maintaining them as the world of business changes and monitoring performance for further improvement.


Our team at Trident are very experienced in all aspects of Business Process Management and the competencies that are required to deliver each individual component of this capability. We will work with you to define an appropriate Business Process Management Strategy and help you implement the strategy.


To support BPM we offer consultancy and training in:

  • Business Process Modelling
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Continuous Business Process Improvement
  • Process Ownership


We have a Standing Offer Agreement (C08/2700) with the Queensland Government Chief Information Office to provide services to Government Agencies in:

  • Business Process Management - Modelling using BPMN - Instructor led training
  • Business Process Improvement - Coaching and Mentoring


For more information on the Queensland Government Methodologies visit - government employees can access the methodologies using the government-only site:


Staff at Trident Business Solutions are senior "hands on" Business Process Modelling and Business Process Re-engineering experts with a wealth of practical experience. We help organisations improve their performance through the adoption of best practice. We assess the skill level of staff and tailor our consultancy services to meet your requirements.


Organisational Change Management

The initiatives that we at Trident deliver usually result in changes to work practices. Implementing change has become a major issue for organisations having to deal with the impacts on their staff and staff reactions. When resistance to change occurs, the pace of change slows and the costs of the change increase considerably.  


We assist staff to understand that change is necessary to keep up with an ever changing competitive market place. We understand the impacts that the changes could have on the people. We strive to minimise and lessen the negative impacts by using well known change management practices so that the people can accept the change within their own capacity. We attempt to understand the people involvement with change and to work with them to promote efficient delivery of the change.


Strategic and Business Planning

Trident consultants will provide guidance to your staff, using various facilitation techniques to assist them to "think outside the box" so that you become fully aware of your market position and your customers requirements, enabling you to set clear direction for your business.  Our consultants can assist you in creating your organisation's goals and translating these into easy to understand key objectives. Our consultants will assist you to identify the strategies and initiatives required to achieve these objectives and set clear program, project scope and performance measures for implementation.  A critical component within our methodology is to ensure that the business is aligned with IT. We ensure that your plans and strategies are integrated and become a fundamental part of running a day-to-day business.


Project Management

We have extensive experience in Project Management using a wide variety of methodologies such as PRINCE2 and PMBOK.


Trident Business Solutions provides comprehensive project management consultancy services for the full project life cycle, covering the full spectrum of project management requirements. We provide advice, direction and support to allow you and your company to achieve your project objectives successfully and with peace of mind.


With services based on proven project management methodologies we can implement effective project management in your unique project environment and ensure your project success.


We assist and mentor your Project Managers to achieve a successful outcome for their projects. We provide education services for all phases of a project with skills transfer training on a "just-in-time" basis so that project team staff learn relevant skills immediately before they need to apply those skills in the project. Our consultants provide project management support, with on-the-job skills transfer so that staff become self-supporting as soon as possible.


Trident also conducts a course specific to Project Planning. This course teaches delegates the principles and techniques for effective project planning. Delegates learn project planning techniques that will enable them to plan projects effectively and identify key management issues that impact project success, including the importance of teamwork and conflict resolution. It emphasises the importance of the planning process and the benefits that could be gained for Project Managers.


Business Requirement Specifications

Customisable package solutions are now becoming more and more popular than in-house development to ensure faster implementation and return on investment within a reasonable timeframe.


We at Trident have a well-proven, flexible methodology that will enable organisations to deliver quality business requirements to the market place in a short time. Our experienced professionals focus on speedy delivery whilst assisting organisations to manage their risks.


We also advise, facilitate, manage and deliver all aspects of the life-cycle - Requirements, Evaluation and Implementation phases.


We have managed and facilitated a number of successful projects to deliver quality Request for Offer or Invitation to Offer documentation resulting in the selection of cost effective solutions that meet the business needs of the organisation. 


We have also assistedand managed the evaluation phase and assisted in implemeting the selected solution. Some of the organisations where we have provided this service are:

  • Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Crown Law
  • Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions 
  • QFleet
  • Queensland Health