The Enterprise Architecture Toolset


RATIONAL SYSTEM ARCHITECT, IBM's Enterprise Architecture Toolset, provides full capabilities for the development of Enterprise Architectures.

System Architect enables you to build an Enterprise Architecture - a fully integrated collection of models and documents across four keys architecture domains: Business, Information, Systems, and Technology. Its flexibility and extendibility provides, in one multi-user product, industry-leading support for all major areas of modeling, including business modeling, object-oriented and component modeling with UML, relational data modeling, network architecture design, and structured analysis and design.


Once the Enterprise Architecture has been established System Architect provides the capabilities to perform impact analysis for decision-making and to extract management information from a fully integrated repository that houses your Enterprise information in one place.


Due to it's flexibility and extendibility, it is a complex tool and Trident consultants have extensive practical experience in using, configuring and customising System Architect. We have practical experience in using System Architect at various sites and have the ability to understand the specific Enterprise Architecture needs of businesses. We bring with us an extensive portfolio of Intellectual Property to assist you in getting started and to enable you to implement an initial Enterprise Architecture in a short period of time.


We provide a knowledge transfer capabilities and ongoing support along with the various levels of training required to understand and use a complex tool such as System Architect.


Our consultants will work with you to:

  • Ensure that you understand System Architect's capabilities and what it means to you as an organisation;
  • Identify training requirements and provide the training to suit your needs based on skill levels;
  • Document your requirements and customise the metamodel in line with these requirements;
  • Establish and document the processes to manage your Enterprise information;
  • Document the processes to establish and maintain the Enterprise information; and
  • Ensure that a skills/knowledge transfer occurs.


System Architect Training

We provide training at all levels. Make an enquiry so that we can provide you with a course outline to suit your needs.