Vendor Solution Implementations

In today's dynamic business environment, business and technology change is rapid and inevitable. Technology change is essential for success, but it can create unnecessary risks if not managed properly. Organisations are becoming more aware of the requirement to implement applications to support changing business needs whilst aligning with emerging new technologies.


Customisable package solutions are now becoming more and more popular than in-house development to ensure faster implementation and return on investment within a reasonable timeframe.


We at Trident have a well-proven, flexible methodology that will enable organisations to deliver quality requirements to the market place in a short time. Our experienced professionals focus on speedy delivery whilst assisting organisations to manage their risks.


We can also advise, facilitate, manage and deliver all aspects of the life-cycle - Requirements, Evaluation and Implementation phases.


We have managed and facilitated a number of successful projects to deliver quality Request for Offer or Invitation to Offer documentation resulting in the selection of cost effective solutions that meet the business needs of the organisation.